Prof. Dr. Harald Gröger

Bielefeld University

Dr. Marc Escriba Gelonch

Eindhoven University of Technology

Prof. Volker Hessel joined Stoli Catalysts Ltd as an academic advisor

Mr. Lawrence Matthews, CEO (middle); Prof. Evgeny Rebrov, CTO (left); Dr. Nikolay Cherkasov, CSO (left)

Stoli Catalysts Ltd is an innovative UK award-winning innovative SME, a spin-out of University of Warwick (UoW). The name “Stoli” comes from the word uniform (στολή in Greek) highlighting our focus on the uniformly coated catalysts. Our team comprises of leading academics in the field of reaction engineering and catalysis led by CEO with significant commercial experience and supported by two industrial experts.

Stoli Catalysts patented catalyst coating technology has the potential to halve the manufacturing costs across the Fine Chemicals industry. It delivers high mass and heat transfer rates in reactions providing higher reactor utilization and efficiency. Stoli Catalysts’s coating technology can be applied to a wide range of catalysts covering more than 90% of the needs of fine chemicals industry. The initial addressable market of €317 M comprises manufacturers of fine chemicals (nutraceuticals, agrochemicals & specialty chemicals).